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By hopehometrust, Jul 10 2017 11:42AM

Three siblings were added to Hope Home in December 2016. Neighbours had alerted social services to three children, apparently abandoned by their parents and living in squalid conditions. Mama Esta and Eva visited the children and saw for themselves the dirty blankets and concrete floors on which they slept. They brought them back to Kitaa on a temporary basis while the authorities made a search for their parents. Neither was found, and so Naomi, aged 7, Yohana (John) aged 5 and Neema, aged 3, now live at Hope Home. Naomi is at school, John and Neema at the on-site nursery.

By hopehometrust, Jun 29 2017 07:23PM

I'm taking on a cycling challenge to raise awareness and money for Hope Home Children's Home in Tanzania.

Six new desperately abandoned children arrived this year and Hope Home Trust want to do what we can for them over the next two years to prepare them for school, and beyond. Please see the full details at my MyDonate fundraising page:

Please donate if you can in support of my Hope Tour de France from my exercise bike in Brighton. 1180km in 21 days 1-23 July 2017.

See you at the other end!

Andy Bousfield

By hopehometrust, Mar 3 2017 08:41PM

Esta has shared some important updates for educational and sporting opportunities for the children, as well as their long-term welfare, that fall outside the 2017 budget therefore we will support them if we are able to.

1) Ten secondary students Easter Conference in Arusha, one week travel, accommodation and food = £160 total

2) Nine primary students' sports uniforms for Friday sports (an upgrade to their sports provision as they settle in this new school) = £70 total

3) Follow up visit to finalise registration of Kitaa Hope Home = £165

4) Arrange to have 25 birth certificates drawn up at £10 each = £250

By hopehometrust, Feb 10 2017 10:55PM

Welcome to our new website, the first website fully representing Hope Home Trust. You'll still see updates from Tanzania here but you'll notice the change of voice. We are now able to speak as ourselves about Kitaa Hope Home and show you our wonderful relationship with Mama Esta and her family from our perspective without attempting to speak on behalf of Kitaa. No doubt we will be adding to the site as it grows, and we hope you enjoy finding your way around. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

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