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Newcomers in 2017: Anna, Anania & Prisca

By hopehometrust, Jul 10 2017 12:28PM

In May this year three-year old twins, Anna and Anania (a little boy) arrived from Tanga, to the east of Moshi. Their mother was malnourished in pregnancy, and is paralysed down one side of her body. The newborns were placed in a local orphanage which cares for babies up to two years old. When they reached that age they were returned to the incapacitated mother. No-one else is willing or able to care for them, having what Mama Esta calls ‘hard life’. They are not biddable children at the moment. Mama has employed Nora as a full-time nanny for them.

The third newcomer is Prisca, aged six. Prisca is an orphan from West Kilimanjaro. She was being looked after by her grandmother who is now too old and ill to cope. Prisca is at the on-site nursery until December. In January, which is the beginning of the Tanzanian school year, she and Yohana will start their primary education at St Timothy’s, with the other children.

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