Serving Orphans in Moshi, Tanzania


In partnership with


Kilimanjaro International Tanzania Aid Agency

Meet the Children

Amani, Vincent, Happi, Siah, Godi, Humphrey, Emmanuel, Wema, Prince and Margareth are all at Boarding Secondary school. Nine of them go to Shauritanga School and Wema has just started at Fountain of Hope Christian Seminary, a boarding school in Moshi.


At final year primary boarding school, St Timothy’s, Moshi are Nancy, Will and Ibrahim.


John, Dotto, Anna, Wilson, Brian, Baraka, Samwel, Yohana and Hosiana are day students at St Timothy’s.


Naomi, Charles, Careen and Neema are at the onsite nursery at Kitaa Hope Home.


Mama Esta takes 'new arrivals' pictures, which are our first impressions of the children. Before long we have shots of them settled in and comfortable.

Kitaa Kids