Serving Orphans in Moshi, Tanzania


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Kilimanjaro International Tanzania Aid Agency

History of Hope Home

Mama Esta Kadeghe began her children’s home in 2006. She was recently widowed and her own five children were living independently. She says that God gave her such a strong love for orphaned children that she bought mattresses for her own home - and she waited. Soon a village Pastor asked if she would take two recently orphaned children, so Vincent and Siah became the first of Mama Esta’s second family.


After a while, when there were too many children for Mama’s house, it became possible to rent the  house opposite, through the support of Mama’s family and Kerstin in Sweden.


The children were able to move into their (incomplete) purpose-built home in February 2012. The initial plan was that it would be a home for twenty of the most vulnerable children, to keep the family atmosphere. We were later able to build Mama Esta a home in the compound: she paid for the foundations herself.


Mama is now well supported by her daughter, Eva, and her son-in-law, David.  Anna-Severina, the Housemother, is a much valued, long-term member of staff. Mama Esta faces many challenges in her work of loving and caring, and also as head of her family. It is our privilege to know and love her, and to make a contribution to support her vital work.

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Mama Esta's Story

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